SERIES A:     A4,  A5*,  A6*,  A7*,  A8

SERIES B:     B4,  B5*,  B6*,  B7*,  B8

SERIES C:     C4,  C5*,  C6*,  C7*,  C8

SERIES D:    D4,  D5*,  D6*,  D7*,  D8

(* = most likely to work with your instrument)


COST:   US$250.00

The Bolero is a shallow cup mouthpiece, perfect for most music played on your small bore (.500) tenor trombone and alto trombone. The shallow cup also would make this an excellent mouthpiece for high range playing on your medium bore tenor trombone.

The standard rim is medium wide in diameter, with a rounded inner profile. As this is a radius, you can’t specify the diameter as a specific dimension, here is a graphic. 

(click here to open a larger picture in a new tab)

Hartman_Rim_T4_diameter graphic2

As I begin to produce a variety of rims, they will be available for this model.


The Bolero model comes in 4 SERIES and 5 power options, make your choice from the Dropdown box below