How to order…

Presently, there are two ways to choose a Hartman mouthpiece.   The easiest way is to have some help from someone who has done it before. I will be traveling around the country this year introducing my mouthpieces and demonstrating how to fit one to your horn. Email me to request a visit to your school or trombone community.

The second way is to have a model array sent to your school or trombone community for your group to try. I can send a set for you to try for a week and then we’ll pass it on to the next group. I have limited sets (arrays) available so email me to have your group added to the schedule.

The cost of a Hartman mouthpiece is presently US$250.00 for our first year of business!                                                                                               (After this first year, I plan to raise the price to US$350.00)